Our Care

Hospice is a type of care, and can be offered at home, in an assisted living facility, nursing home, hospital, or hospice house like La Posada. Hospice is designed to bring physical and emotional comfort to a patient, as well as spiritual support (if desired), when curative treatments are not working or are making the patient more uncomfortable. Hospice is also designed to provide the family with the support and relief they need. Choosing hospice doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. Anyone can stop hospice care at anytime.


Many people don’t want to be a burden to their family. After all, caregiving can be very stressful for all involved. Hospice helps reduce this stress and allows family members to focus on enjoying every day together.

Families are more satisfied with end-of-life care when a person receives hospice care. On top of that, hospice patients are:

  • more likely to have their pain controlled.
  • less likely to undergo tests.
  • less likely to be given medicines they don’t need.


Expecting parents start preparing well in advance for the beginning of a new life. Similarly, it is important to prepare ahead for the end of life. There are many care options, and people differ in their values and wishes. Discussing these things with family is not always easy, but doing so ahead of time can make decision-making easier for you and your family.

Advance healthcare directives are written instructions detailing the type of care you want near the end of life. They cover:

  1. who you want to make care decisions for you when you can’t.
  2. what kind of treatment you want, or don’t want.
  3. how comfortable you want to be.
  4. how you want people to treat you.
  5. and what you want your loved ones to know.

Mesilla Valley Hospice recommends the Five Wishes advance directive, which meets the legal requirements of 42 states (including NM) and the District of Columbia. We have copies available; just stop by.