Bereavement Services

Hospice care doesn’t end with the needs of the patient. The passing of a loved one brings enormous changes, and everyone tends to grieve in their own way. Bereavement care is an essential part of the experience, helping to meet the needs of the entire family. Anticipating grief reactions and providing ongoing support for the bereaved is part of the services offered at Mesilla Valley Hospice. A very important part of Mesilla Valley Hospice is the Bereavement and Grief Support we offer to you following the death of a loved one. We provide grief support and can teach grief coping skills to all family member including children, as well as to extended family and friends.


Grief Support Services are different from the Hospice visits that were provided to your loved one. All Grief Services and Grief Counseling sessions are scheduled by appointment.

• Individual counseling
• Family counseling
• Counseling and support for children and teens of all ages
• Counseling by phone or via computer by telehealth
• Support by phone from a counselor or bereavement volunteer
• Grief Support Groups
• Referral to community resources
• Educational presentations on grief, loss, death and dying
• Education on grief coping skills


Grief Support Groups gather at Mesilla Valley Hospice, 299 E. Montana Ave. The entrance for the groups is at the Gerald H. Deabel wing, located to the rear of the eastside parking lot. The parking lot is labeled as “Private Property” but please drive into this parking lot and park near the storage sheds. You must ring the doorbell to the Gerald H. Deabel wing to enter.


For Adults Who are Grieving the Death of a Loved One

This support group provides information about the grief process and a safe place to examine the many feelings of grief. The group offers support, compassion, understanding and reassurance, as well as the hope of learning to live with the experience of loss.

DATE: Six consecutive weeks, one hour per week (contact us for the next group dates)

TIME: To Be Determined. Could be during business hours or evenings

PLACE: In-Person or Telehealth – virtually on a computer screen. This group is open to the public, as in those who did not have someone in Hospice.

For more Information and Registration, please call: Olga Cabada at (575) 525-5752

Other types of bereavement support groups can be created if enough requests are made and participants are available.
For more information and registration, please call: Olga Cabada at (575) 525- 5752