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All Behavior Has Meaning

Presented by: Bonnie Zeiler, LPN, CDP, Director of the Alzheimer’s Program at The Village at Northrise.

Ms. Zeiler has years of experience working with persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and was selected as the Nurse of the Year by the National Centers for Assisted Living in 2015. She will address techniques to assist and/or work with persons with Alzheimer’s based on mental health behaviors.

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Aromatherapy for Personal Wellness and End-of-Life Care

Presented by: Catherine Walkinshaw, BS and Ellena Gonzales MA, BS

Ms. Walkinshaw is Volunteer Coordinator at Mesilla Valley Hospice. She has worked in a hospice setting for over 17 years and is a certified herbalist and reiki practitioner.

Ms. Gonzales is a certified aromatherapist, yoga instructor, and a distributor of Living Well essential oils. She is also a retired art teacher.

These presenters will address alternative therapies for patient and self-care.

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Building Resilience through Connectedness

Presented by: Dr. Satya Rao, Ph.D, MCHES

Dr. Rao is Professor, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, and Graduate Public Health Certificate Program Coordinator in the Department of Public Health Sciences at New Mexico State University.  Besides teaching she is involved in research and service initiatives focused on violence, mental health, and suicide in communities of color, rural, and border communities. She has served as guest editor of journals and currently serves on editorial boards including Family & Community Health.

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Roots of Health Professional Burnout

Presented by: Dr. Mary Alice Scott, Ph.D., MA, BA – Assistant professor of Anthropology, Public Health and research for New Mexico State University

Dr. Scott has published numerous scholarly articles on medical care, immigration, culture and women’s studies, amongst various other topics related to human behavior

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Spirituality of Dying in Hospice Care

Presented by: Chuck Henkle and Jeff Turkot, CPs

Father Chuck Henkle –Masters in Philosophy, MBA, BS of Nursing. Father Henkle has served as a priest/pastor and chaplain in the medical field for over 20 years. 

Reverend Jeff Turkot, MA, BA in theology and communication. Mr. Turkot has serviced as a Hospice chaplain for over 12 years. 

Both Hospice chaplains have vast experience working with numerous clients and the topic of their presentation is relevant to the diverse cultures and spirituality in the community 

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