"Hospice Includes Family in End-of-Life Care"

Matlin Smith at the Las Cruces Sun-News wrote a beautiful article about Ann Paynowski, a Mesilla Valley Hospice patient. Ann is a wonderful person to talk with; the first thing we talked about was hummingbirds, the second was her family. Her story provides a great lens through which families can look at hospice to see how it can help them. As Ann said,

It's just amazing. It's been a wonderful, wonderful service to me and my family, who get to know more about what I'm going through and what the medicine does for me and how it works and why I take it.

The article also discusses the importance of advance medical directives, even for young people. Jay Sundheimer, assistant chief nursing officer at Memorial Medical Center says:

It's the most generous thing you can do for your family, and it's good to have one at any age. I'm a 33-year-old male and healthy with no chronic health issues and I have one. I think people who are thinking it through think it's morbid, but thinking through things ahead of time shows your family you care.

Please take a few moments to read the article.