"The End of Treatment is not the End of Hope"

Hope often comes from someone helping us. You can probably recall a time you felt hopeless; likely, you regained optimism because someone gave you a helping hand. We at Mesilla Valley Hospice are here to do just that: lend a hand, support a caregiver, and give the family hope! 

Many times, we hear people say that when hospice is called, it is the end of all hope. But as Dr. Lani Leary says in her article:

Embracing hospice, and what it can offer, does not mean we let go of hope.  Hospice is a way of living that focuses on changing the experience of living with a terminal illness.

She goes on to say:

Our resolve to hope for instead of fighting against may be just the change in perspective that provides the comfort, peace, and presence that will matter.

It is an excellent article, so I hope you'll take a few minutes to read and ponder over it. Dr. Leary is very good at discussing why we need hope, how we can reframe hope, and how important it is to really live!

You can read Dr. Leary's article by clicking here.